Church Photo

We are an active and caring church.  In addition to ministering to our own members, we actively participate in mission programs at the local, national, and international level.

Worship Services:
       Every Sunday         10:00 Blended Service            
       Nursery provided

      Special Services:      Christmas Eve, Holy Week, Easter Sunrise and others
      Holy Communion:    First Sunday of every month and selected Special Services
                                    Home communion available upon request

Music Program:    
        Praise Band - instrumentals and vocals
        Choir - sings at our Services, Cantatas, and other Special Events

Christian Education:  (see calendar for details)
       Sunday School - for all ages 8:45 a.m.
       Youth Meetings/Activities - Sunday afternoons and others
       Bible Study Groups and other Small Groups
       Lenten Series Study

Women and Men Programs:  (see calendar for details)
    Presbyterian Women Circle:     King’s Daughters - 2nd Wed. 7:00 pm

    Men’s Christian Fellowship:       1st Sat. 8:00 am @ Dottie's Restaurant

    Seniors:                                  Senior Luncheon 3rd Tues. noontime at local restaurants

    Women:                                  Ladies Night Out 4th Wed. evening at local restaurants

All Church Family:
    Coffee and fellowship after each worship service

      Variety of Church-wide Social Events - Fun, Fellowship and Food
        Ice Cream Social, Picnics, Harvest Meal
        Christmas Dinner, Christmas Caroling, Bonfires, Anniversary Celebration
        Other parties and special events - see calendar for details

Special Interest Groups:
        Church Workdays, Sewing Group, Scrapbooking, others - see calendar for details

Ordained Ministries:
Session:    Provides for the administration of the work of the church and leadership development  
                    Participates in Presbytery activities
                    Meets monthly.  Current members 2018:
                        Terry Twardzik, Marsha Carter, Gary Christensen, Vince D'Imperio, Jack Dayton, Mike Keen, Robin

    Deacons:   Cultivate and care for the welfare needs of members and friends   
                    Transportation, visiting the ill, food pantry, receptions, and crisis needs
                    Meets monthly.  Current members 2018:
                         Judy Rutter, Mavis Mattadeen, Sue D'Imperio, Inez Rose, Anna Wood, Rosa Doig

    Commissioned Lay Pastor:  Along with the Pastor, serves the pastoral care needs primarily of the ill and shut-ins.
                                            At the discretion of the Pastor and Session, preaches and provides other pastoral